The Assistant to the Director is a Senior Management position and his/her role is essentially an extension of the Schools’ Directorate. The job purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of  the management and leadership capacity of the Director to better enable him focus  more on other important strategic issues affecting the organisation. As Special Assistant, he/she will be exposed to an extremely wide range of responsibilities. He/she will help drive special projects, participate in selected external meetings with clients and partners, conduct research, lead new initiatives, manage people issues and HR processes, support investor relations, manage international relations, manage the office and manage schedule. He/she will be exposed to the most sensitive company information that others on the team may not be privy to. He/she will be asked to make sensitive and critical judgment calls, and he/she will serve as a sounding board to the DIRECTOR in important situations. For the right individual, this unique role will serve as an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to lead and manage a high-growth group of Christian Schools. The best person for this role is an individual that sees that there is no ceiling to what they can accomplish and learn in this role. The right individual for this job is highly ambitious in his/her pursuit of growth and achieving excellence. They know that their ability to grow and take on more responsibility will result in more opportunities for growth and greater responsibility.


    • Managing the DIRECTOR’s workflow and priorities by managing his schedule and anticipating steps ahead.
    • Preparing for and following up on internal and external meetings. When needed, participating directly in external meetings and following up with the relevant parties.
    • Providing members of the Executive Leadership Team leverage in moving projects forward by assisting with information gathering, communicating with different parties, developing and monitoring plans, keeping track of responsibilities, and so on.
    • Managing special projects assigned by the DIRECTOR.
    • Prioritizing and managing multiple projects simultaneously and following through on issues in a timely manner.
    • Proactively identifying ways to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the leadership team.
    • Overseeing day-to-day operations and staff services, which may include, and, but not limited, to bookkeeping, vendor payments and relations, employee benefits, payroll, office environment, travel and event logistics.
    • Anticipating needs from the team and identifying opportunities to create processes and systems to streamline office flow.


    Must be known for his/her high level integrity. He/she must always choose to make the right decision versus the easy decision. He/she must know what information is sensitive, and will protect it accordingly. He/she must take his/her reputation very seriously.

    • Applicant must have demonstrable sound judgment. He/she must have the rare combination of being able to make quick decisions and measured decisions. He/she should be able to put on his/her strong analytical abilities or instincts at the right times to make the right judgment call.
    • He/she must have a positive, “roll-up-your-sleeves” mindset and willing to take on “lower-level” and “higher level” work depending on existing needs.
    • He/she must be ready and prepared to take ownership and must constantly seek opportunities to optimize processes and improve efficiency. He/she must be a good communicator and be comfortable working with and through a range of different people and build relationships quickly.
    • He/she must be resilient and flexible. He/she must seek out direct feedback and see every challenge as an opportunity to grow.
    • He/she must show evidence of being thoughtful and intentional. He/she must always think steps ahead. Before asking questions, he/she must prepare own answers, even if they are just first draft thoughts.
    • He/she must exhibit resourcefulness and be practical. He/she must be able to take different kinds of input, and quickly and effectively, sort out action plans.
    • He/she must be an exceptional communicator in every sense of the word. He/she must be an astute listener and be able to pick up subtle cues that others may miss. He/she must possess effective written and spoken communication skills.  Must be diplomatic, gentle but firm, and even persistent when he/she needs to accomplish the goal.
    • He/she must be empathetic and a keen people reader. Must have a knack for studying people’s emotions. Must have a keen sense of understanding people’s motivations and understand how to influence their behaviour.
    • Must show high sense of maturity and be even keeled. He/she is wise beyond his/her years and can handle the most stressful situations with grace. In an emergency you are the calmest individual in the room and can think with his/her head on straight.
    • Must be detail oriented and conscientious. Must cringe at typos, and be the first to identify a formatting error. Must be obsessed about details (in a healthy way, of course).
    • He/she must be a big picture thinker. Despite all the details that he/she is required to manage, he/she must constantly “helicopter up” to see the big picture to help inform his/her thinking and prioritization. He/she must think ‘outside the box to understand and appreciate implications of emerging strategic issues.

    Experience Required:

    This role is best suited for someone with some good and demonstrable management experience with evidenced future growth potential at executive management level.

    A Master’s degree in any field, with strong commitment to the Schools or the Church will be a good advantage.



    • Competitive salary




    If our values resonate with you, kindly email your signed application, resume and a one-page self-profiles highlighting previous experiences, achievements and personal attributes that best justify the application to Address application to THE CHAIRMAN, SEARCH COMMITTEE, NATIONAL EDUCATION BOARD, stating “Special Assistant to the Director” as the subject.


    30th JULY, 2016


    Open spiral notebook with pen on wooden table.


    The candidates may have at least bachelor’s degree in communications or English, Professional Writing or a similar major. Outstanding grammar and research skills are essential for grant writers. Experience of successful grant proposals is essential. Candidate having experience in the fields of Community Development, Science Education, Poverty Alleviation and Women development will be given preference.

    We value all staff and interested in speaking to enthusiastic, talented individuals with integrity who will help us deliver on our vision.

    Interested Candidates should apply with a CV and a recent passport size photograph to: